In order to continue using ZoomShift after your free trial you will need to subscribe to a plan. Our pricing plans are charged based on the number of active employees in your account. The cost per employee varies depending on the plan you select. Each plan offers different features.

You can view your plan by clicking on your name, then go to the Account Settings ->  Subscription & Billing page. 

Your pricing plans may look different.

The pricing plans listed in your account may look different than the image above. Early customers of ZoomShift have been grandfathered into plans with varying prices and feature access. If you have any questions about this don’t hesitate to contact support.

Also, at the bottom of the Billing page you can see a breakdown of your current monthly subscription. This will show you how many active employees you have, how much each employee costs, and how much you are paying each month. 

What is an active employee?

An active employee is any employee in your account that is not archived. So, if an employee is listed on the Settings -> Employees page of your account they are considered active. If you archive an employee they are considered inactive and you will not be charged for them. You can learn more about archiving employees in this help guide.

What if I add/remove employees during a billing cycle?

You can add and remove employees as often as you’d like. We will automatically prorate your account so you only pay for the amount of time each employee is active. For example, if you remove an employee halfway through a billing cycle then you will only be charged half of that employee’s cost.

Why do you charge per employee?

We found that charging this way is the most flexible for our customers. It adds a bit of complexity to the billing process, but overall it makes the pricing work for any size business. We have customers with 5 employees and then some with hundreds of employees. Charging per employee allows the price to scale with the size of the business, and each customer only pays for exactly what they are using.

What if I have multiple schedules?

You can have as many schedules as you want under one account. We will still charge you based on the total number of active employees across all of your schedules. If an employee belongs to more than one schedule they will only be counted once. You will get one invoice for your account as a whole, and not separate invoices for each schedule.

Can I pay annually?

Yes, if you’d like to pay annually just contact support. We currently don’t offer a way to switch to annual billing in the app, however we can do it for you.

Do you offer non-profit or educational discounts?

While we don’t have specific discounts for non-profits or educational organizations, we are always open to finding a price that will work best for your organization. Contact support and we can chat about it.

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