The most important thing to know when using ZoomShift is how to view your schedule. This guide will show you how to view and understand your work schedule once you are logged in.

We have a tutorial video that covers some of the information in this article. If you like watching instead of reading you should check it out!

When you login to ZoomShift your dashboard will look like the image below. As an employee, this is usually the only page you will need to view. On this page you can see the shifts you are assigned to for the next 2 weeks, your availability and time offs, and your estimated hours and wages for the week.

In addition to viewing your scheduled shifts, you can also see a section titled Shifts I Can Pick Up. These are shifts that you can pick up if you’d like. To learn more about swapping shifts and open shifts you should read the help guide on shift swaps.

If you need to see your schedule outside of the current 2 weeks you can always navigate to Schedule -> My Schedule. This page will display your schedule in a typical month calendar and you can navigate to any month.

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