Availability preferences are the days and times that an employee can (or can't) work during any given week. Availability is not for specific dates. It is applied to every week on the schedule. This guide covers everything you need to know about managing availability as an employee in ZoomShift.

We have a tutorial video that covers some of the information in this article. If you like watching instead of reading you should check it out!

Not all schedules have availability enabled.

This is a setting that managers can change. If your schedule does not have availability enabled you won’t be able to change your availability.

Adding an Availability Preference

To add a new availability preference just click on the New Availability button on your dashboard. You will then see a pop-up form like the one below.

When setting availability you can decide whether you want to be unavailable (not able to work) or preferred (you want to work). 

You can also set whether the preference is for the entire day or just part of the day. 

If you add a note it will show on the availability preference so that managers know why you have set the availability preference.

Effective dates limit your availability to a date range. Availability preferences repeat every week unless you set an effective start and end date. 

Once you submit the form you will notice that the availability preference shows up on your schedule.

Editing/Deleting an Availability Preference

To edit an availability preference you can just click on the preference. You will then see a pop-up form like the one below. If you want to delete the availability preference you can click the Delete button at the bottom of the form.

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