Timesheets represent the actual time that you have worked. When you clock in/out using the time clock in ZoomShift a corresponding timesheet is created. This guide will cover how to view your timesheets and make changes to them.

Not all schedules have timesheets enabled or editable by employees.

This is a setting that managers can change. If your schedule does not have timesheets enabled or editable by employees you won’t be able to view or make changes to your timesheets.

Viewing Your Timesheets

As an employee you can always view your timesheets by going to the Timesheets page. You will then see a table that looks like the image below. This table shows all of your timesheets for the set date range.

Adding/Editing Timesheets

If your organization allows you to make changes to your timesheets you will be able to click on this table. You can add a timesheet by clicking on an open row. Or, if the row is already full with another timesheet you can click the small “+” icon next to the day.

Once you click to add a timesheet you will see a pop-up form like the one below. Also, once you have added a timesheet you can click on it to edit it and you will see this same form.

Comparing Timesheets to the Schedule

Sometimes it is helpful to know what shifts you were scheduled for when adding or editing timesheets. You can see your scheduled shifts by looking in the Scheduled Hours column of your timesheet table. If you were scheduled for shifts on a day you will notice that the total number of hours can be clicked on. When you click on the hours it will pull up a list of the shifts you were scheduled for on that day.

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