The events add-on allows you to add events and notes to the schedule for specific dates. This guide will walk you through how to create and share events with your employees.

Not all schedules have events enabled.

As a manager you can disable the events add-on. You can control what add-ons are enabled for you schedule on the add-ons page.

Adding/Editing Events

If you have the events add-on enabled you will notice an Events row at the top of the schedule. To create a new event just click on any of the cells in this row. You will then see a pop-up form like the one below. Use this form to set the date range of the event and also specify what positions and locations the event is for. If you specify positions or locations, only employees that are assigned to these will be able to see the event. Once an event is added you can click on it to edit it and you will see the same form.

Once you submit the form you will notice that the event will get added to the schedule.

Using Events to Block Time Offs

If you have both the time offs and events add-ons enabled you will see an option to block time offs during an event. If you enable this option it will do exactly what it says. Employees will not be able to submit time off requests during the event.

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