You want to print your schedule? Wait, what! We have apps and you can get the schedule online. Just kidding. Printing the schedule can be really handy sometimes.

In ZoomShift, you have a few options for printing and exporting your schedule to PDF. To get started you will want to click the Export button at the top of the schedule.

Once you click the Export button you will see a preview of your schedule for printing. 

This is a simplified version of the schedule that is optimized for printing. 

You can’t edit the schedule in this view.

Filter Your Schedule

You can adjust what is printed/exported by clicking on the Filters button. Select the items you would like to include and click the Apply Filters button.

Hiding Totals

You can show or hide wage totals and hours by clicking on the Filters button. Then select No or Yes for the Show Wage Totals and Show Hour Totals options and click the Apply Filters button.

Print Your Schedule

To print the page use command + p (mac) or control + p (pc). This will open the print window and allow you to choose your print options. 

Save as PDF

If you would like to save a PDF, click on the PDF button. You will see the following options to generate your PDF.

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