When you are building your schedule, ZoomShift will not block you from adding shifts. However, it will always warn you when something looks incorrect. The main things to look out for are shifts conflicting with availability or time offs, shifts overlapping other shifts, or shifts that are in overtime. This guide will show you how to spot these errors on your schedule.

Shift Conflicts

In ZoomShift, a shift conflict can happen for three reasons: a shift conflicts with an availability preference, a shift conflicts with a time off request, or a shift conflicts with another shift. When this happens you will notice that the shift is highlighted in red on the schedule.

You can always see the total number of shift conflicts on a schedule in the upper left. The red pill with a number in it represents the total number of shift conflicts.

Overtime Warnings

When creating a schedule you will likely want to make sure you don’t schedule anyone into overtime. If an employee is scheduled into overtime you’ll notice their hours total will be highlighted in red. (You can adjust the overtime limit on the General Settings page.)

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