Shift swaps are a way for employees to trade shifts with each other. This guide covers everything you need to know about swapping and picking up shifts as a manager in ZoomShift.

If you are looking for information on how this process works for employees please see this help guide.

Not all schedules have shift swaps enabled.

In order for your staff to swap shifts you will need to make sure that the shift swaps add-on is enabled. If you don’t want your employees to swap shifts you can disable this setting from Add-Ons-> Shift Swaps”.

Submitting Swap Requests

Shift swaps are typically initiated by employees. However, you can initiate a swap request on behalf of an employee as well. To do so simply click on the shift that you want to swap. If the shift is able to be swapped you will see a Swap button at the bottom of the edit pop-up. (A shift needs to be published and in the future in order to initiate a swap request.) When you click the swap button you will see a form like the one below.

Shift swaps submitted by supervisors/managers are auto approved.

When supervisors submit shift swap requests they are automatically approved. If you want to submit a request and have it still be pending you will have to create the request and then edit it.

Approving/Denying Shift Swaps

Supervisors are able to approve or deny shift swaps from the schedule or shift swaps page. Pending swap requests on the schedule are denoted with a SWAP badge.

Click on the shift and then click the View Swap button at the bottom of the edit pop-up. You can then approve, deny, edit or delete the swap request.

What happens after approval?

After you approve a swap request, the employees who were offered the shift will be notified and the swap status changes to ‘Waiting’. Employees who were offered the shift will be able to pickup the shift. Whoever picks up the shift first receives the shift. The person who requested the swap is still on the hook until someone picks up the shift. Once the swap has been picked up notifications are sent to the person requesting the swap and the person who picked up the swap.

Tracking History

Sometimes you will want to know who edited a shift swap, or when a shift swap was approved. You can always view a full audit log for each swap request by clicking on the shift and then clicking the History button at the bottom of the edit pop-up. You will then a see a full history of the shift.

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