Adding/Editing Shifts

When you are viewing the schedule by week or month you can add a shift by clicking on any of the open cells. If you are viewing the schedule by day you will notice a button at the top of the page titled New Shift.

Once you click to add a shift you will see a pop-up form like the one below. Also, once you have added a shift you can click on it to edit it and you will see this same form.

Once a shift has been saved it will show up on the schedule. The time for the shift will be listed at the top, and the positions color will displayed as a slim bar on the left side of the shift. Underneath the shifts time you will see the position and location name listed out. If you added a note to the shift you will see a small icon next to the time that you can hover to see the note.

The way shifts display can be customized!

If you would like your shifts to display differently on the schedule you can easily do this. On the Settings -> General Settings page you can customize how your shifts display.

Assigned vs. Not Assigned

When adding a shift you will notice that the dropdown options (employee, position, location) are grouped by Assigned and Not Assigned categories. This is so you can quickly see what employees, positions, or locations are assigned to their respective counterparts. For example, the employee dropdown will always be grouped based on the positions and location that is selected. Also, the position and location dropdowns will always be grouped by the employee that is selected.

Unpaid Break

When editing a shift you can set an unpaid break time. If this time is set it will be deducted when calculating the hours and wage totals for the shift. This information will not be displayed on the shift, but it will affect your hour and wage projections.

Hourly Wage

This field is automatically populated by the value set in the employee’s profile. However, you can override this value if you want. You will notice that changing this value will change the estimated wage totals on the schedule.

Tracking History

Sometimes you will want to know who edited a shift or when a shift was published. You can always view a full audit log for each shift by clicking on it and then clicking the History button at the bottom of the edit pop-up. You will then a see a full history of the shift.

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