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Step 1: Add Positions

Positions represent the skills or job codes within your organization. For example, a restaurant might have positions like server, bartender, and hostess. Add some positions so that you can organize your schedule. 

If everyone on your schedule is working the same position then you can skip this step. To learn about managing positions in ZoomShift see this help guide.

Step 2: Add Locations

Locations represent the physical locations, sites, or departments within your organization. If you only have one location then you can skip this step. Otherwise, add some locations so that you can filter your schedule by location. To learn about managing locations in ZoomShift see this help guide.

Step 3: Add Employees

Before you can start creating your schedule you need to add your employees. You don’t need to invite your employees to join ZoomShift. You can send invites later, but to start you will need to at least enter a first and last name for your employees. To learn about managing employees in ZoomShift see this help guide.

Step 4: Add Shift Templates

Shift templates represent common shift times within your organization. By adding some shift templates it will make creating shifts much faster. We recommend adding a few shift templates to start, but you can skip this step if you’d like. To learn about managing shift templates in ZoomShift see this help guide.

Step 5: Build Your First Schedule

Once you are done configuring all of the steps above you are ready to start adding some shifts. We recommend taking a look through all of our scheduling help guides. These help guides will show you a lot of tips and tricks for speeding up the scheduling process.

Step 5: Explore Timesheets & Time Clock

Are you looking to use the employee timesheets or time clock features in ZoomShift? If so, we recommend taking some time to explore these features right away. You can easily enter some test timesheet entries and submit a few test time clock punches. Check out the attendance help guides to get started.

What next?

At this point, you have just scratched the surface of what ZoomShift can do. We encourage you to continue exploring all of the awesome features that ZoomShift has to offer. Browsing through these help guides will give you a good idea of all that ZoomShift can do. And don’t hesitate to contact support with any questions you have.

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