The mobile time clock provides a way for your employees to punch in/out from anywhere. 

Not all schedules have the mobile time clock enabled.

As a manager you can disable the mobile time clock add-on. You can control what add-ons are enabled for your schedule from Settings -> Add Ons.

Punching In/Out

To punch in/out go to the Today page and click on Clock In/Out. This will bring out the time clock. 

You may see a screen asking you to enable location tracking if your manager has enabled this feature.

You can select the position and location you are punching in for and add a note if you would like. 

If you punch in successfully you should see 'You are clocked in' in red.

For Managers

You can enable GPS tracking and set a maximum distance threshold from Settings -> Add On Settings -> Mobile Time Clock.

Mobile Time Clock FAQs

Is there a GPS locator or picture capability when clocking in?
Yes, and no. The mobile time clock has the capability to save the GPS position of the user when they clock in and out. But we do not track this constantly. 

We currently do not offer the ability to take a picture of the user when they clock in or out. 

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