Employees in ZoomShift represent the people or staff members within your organization. This guide explains everything you need to know to manage your employees in ZoomShift.

We have a tutorial video that covers some of the information in this article. If you like watching instead of reading you should check it out!

Adding/Editing Employees

There is no limit on the number of employees you can add to ZoomShift. Adding a new employee is as easy clicking the New Employee button. After clicking this button you will see a form like the one below. Once an employee has been added you can edit that employee by clicking on their respective row. You will see the same form pop-up like the one above when you edit an employee.

Invite your employees so they can access ZoomShift!

Each employee in ZoomShift has the ability to create an account so they can login. You have a few options when it comes to inviting your employees. You can check out this help guide for more information on this.

Assign Employees to Positions/Locations

Assigning your employees to positions and/or locations will help to organize your schedule. You can learn more about this by checking out this help guide.

Archiving Employees

Archived employees are not able to login to view the schedule or make requests. If an employee no longer works at your organization or you want to block them from accessing ZoomShift you should archive them. All data associated with archived employees (shifts, time off requests, etc.) is hidden, but not deleted. You always have the option to Restore an archived employee if you want to look at their historical data.

To archive an employee you can click on their respective row and then click the Archive button at the bottom of the edit form.

You are not charged for archived employees.

When an employee is archived they do not count towards your total number of employees. As a result, you will not be charged for any employees that are archived.

Deleting Employees

Once an employee is archived you can permanently delete them from your ZoomShift account. Doing this will permanently remove all of their data. To do this you can click on the Delete link within the employee’s respective row on the Archived Employees page.

Hiding Employees on the Schedule

Sometimes you have users (employees) that you want to have access to ZoomShift even though they are not part of the schedule. This might be the case for business owners or accountants. You can hide an employee from the schedule by unchecking the Visible on Schedule/Timesheets option. Doing so hides the employee from the schedule as well as all attendance views.

Reordering Employees

By default, employees are displayed in the order that they are added to ZoomShift. If you want to change this order you can do so by dragging your employees to the order you want. You can do this by clicking on the reorder icon next to an employee’s name and then dragging them to the order you want.

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