How many times have you had to adjust timesheets because an employee forgot to clock in? We want to eliminate this problem. This guide will show you how to set up the Clock In Reminders add-on to prevent missed punches.

With the Clock In Reminders add-on you can send automatic reminders to your employees if they forget to clock in. You can even send reminders to managers if an employee has not clocked in after a set amount of time. This feature reduces missed punches and also keeps managers in the loop as to who didn’t show up.

Not all schedules have clock in reminders enabled.

In order for your employees to get clock in reminders you will need to make sure that the clock in reminders add-on is enabled.

Configuring Clock In Reminders

Once you have enabled the clock in reminders add-on you can set up when you want reminders to be sent. We recommend sending reminders a couple of minutes after shifts start. You will want to give some padding time if employees are late by just a few minutes.

All reminders are scheduled when you create or change a shift. As a result, if you change these settings they will not be applied to shifts that have already been created. If you would like to change the reminders for existing shifts you will need to republish them.

Changing Alert Settings

It is likely that your employees don’t want to get clock in reminders via email, text, and push notification. They can always change their alert settings so they only get the notifications they want. You can check out this help guide for instructions on how your employees can update their alert settings.

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