It's likely that you are tracking employee time so that you can run payroll. As a result, the final step will be exporting all of your timesheet data for payroll. We have built a special payroll report specifically for this purpose.

Approving Timesheets

You will notice that when employees punch in/out or create timesheets manually they are not approved. The only difference between an approved and unapproved timesheet is whether or not they are counted in the payroll report. Only approved timesheets will be counted in the payroll report. This gives you, as the manager, an easy way to make sure you’ve reviewed all timesheets before they get added to your payroll report.

To approve a single timesheet just click on it like you are going to edit it. You can then click the Save & Approve button to approve it.

Approving timesheets one-by-one will take forever. This is why you can also approve them in bulk. On the All Timesheets page you will notice an Approve All button in the top right. You can use this to approve all timesheets, the timesheets for an individual employee, or just the timesheets that match your filters.

Viewing Payroll

Once you have approved all of your timesheets you can jump over to the Payroll page. You will see a table that looks like the one below. This view is similar to the All Timesheets page except for two major differences. First, you can change the date range to match your payroll period. Second, overtime hours and wages are calculated. (To learn more about overtime calculations check out this help guide.)

To change the date range to match your payroll period, click on the start or end date in the upper right. You will then see a calendar where you can pick a specific date. Changing the start and end date will allow you to view your specific payroll period.

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