Using the schedule and timesheets in ZoomShift gives you a lot of insight into how projected time (schedule) compares to actual time (timesheets). This is important for determining when employees are clocking in early, leaving late, or milking the clock in time. It also gives you insight into whether your schedule is accurate or not.

On the All Timesheets page you can easily see this difference. You will notice columns for Timesheet Hours, Scheduled Hours, and Difference Hours. These columns highlight how many hours have been scheduled, how many have been actually worked, and the difference. With a quick glance you can see if an employee has worked over or under what they were scheduled.

When viewing timesheets for an individual employee you can also see the exact shifts that were scheduled. If you click on any value in the Scheduled Hours column you will see a pop-up that shows the shifts for that day.

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