You have a few options when it comes to viewing timesheets in ZoomShift. You can view a summary, details for an individual employee, or even who is clocked in right now. This guide will show you all the different ways you can view timesheets.

We encourage you to explore the different views within ZoomShift to get a feel for how they will work in your organization. All the different timesheet views can be found by going to Attendance -> All Timesheets at the top of the page. You will then see a set of tabs at the top of the page that looks like this:

Employee Timesheets

This is the view you will see when clicking the All Timesheets link. It is a summary of all your employee timesheets. This view is great for getting a sense of your estimated payroll for a day or week. You can also get a quick glance of how many hours each of your employees have worked.

Employee Timesheet Details

If you click on an individual employee you be taken to a detailed view for that employee. On this page you can edit the timesheets for this employee and see the individual entries for each day. If you need to make adjustments to an employee’s timesheets this is where you will do it.

Open Timesheets

This view will show you all of the timesheets that don’t have an end time set. In other words, these are the timesheets that are “on the clock”. This view is great for seeing who is currently working or who forgot to clock out.

Unapproved Timesheets

The unapproved timesheets view is exactly what it sounds like - a list of all unapproved timesheets. This view is great for approving timesheets in bulk. To learn more about approving timesheets and why this matters you can check out the payroll help guide.


Similar to the schedule, you can use the pill shaped buttons in the upper left to filter timesheets. Clicking on one of these buttons will display a dropdown list of all the corresponding positions, locations, or employees. When you have filters applied, any timesheets that don’t match these filters will not be visible. Only filtered timesheets will be included in the totals.

Filters apply to all actions.

All actions for timesheets including approving, clearing, etc. take into account the filters you have applied. This makes it very easy to make adjustments to a specific set of timesheets.

Date Range

In the upper right corner of these views you will see a date range picker. You can switch between day and week views. The left and right arrows will jump forward or back, and the calendar icon in the middle will allow you to select a specific date.

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