The web time clock provides a really simple way for your employees to punch in/out at work. You can run the web time clock from a desktop computer or a tablet. Similar to an "old school" time clock you can setup the web time clock as a kiosk at your business.

Not all schedules have the web time clock enabled.

As a manager you can disable the web time clock add-on. You can control what add-ons are enabled for you schedule on the add-ons page.

Punching In/Out (For Employees)

The web time clock is very simple to use. You can only do two things: 1) clock in and 2) clock out. To access the time clock just click the Time Clock link at the top of your page. You will be redirected to the time clock page that looks like this:

To clock in you simply enter your email or employee ID. (Employee IDs can be set for employees on the Settings -> Employees page.) If you are not already clocked in you will see a pop-up form like the one below. Also, if you are scheduled for one or more shifts they will be displayed in this pop-up. You can click on these shifts to quickly select the position and location you are clocking into. Once you click the Clock In button you will see a confirmation that you have been clocked in.

When you are done with your shift you just enter your email or employee ID again. The system will recognize that you are already clocked in and you will see a pop-up like the one below. In this pop-up you can see some basic details about the shift you just worked. Once you click the Clock Out button you will see a confirmation that you have been clocked out.

Whitelist IP Addresses

By default, the web time clock can be accessed from any computer. In fact, you can share the link to your web time clock and it can be accessed by anyone without even having to login. This is a great way to allow employees to clock in from anywhere quickly. However, you may want to lock down the physical location(s) that your employees can punch in/out from. This can be done by whitelisting specific IP addresses. On the add-on page for the web time clock you will see settings like this:

If the whitelist IP addresses setting is enabled the time clock can only be used from IP addresses that are defined in your settings. If you try to access the time clock from another IP address you will see an error message like this:

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