Requesting Time Off

Time offs are used to indicate when you are not able to work. Usually, time offs require supervisor approval.

Time offs are one-time events that are typically used for vacation, appointments, etc.

Note: This feature may be disabled. Supervisors can enable time offs from the Settings => Schedule Settings => Time Offs page.

To create a time off request, go to the  Schedule => Team Schedule, My Schedule, or Time Offs page. 

Next, click on the  New button in the top right corner and click the  Time Off option.

You should see a pop-up window with a form like the one below: 

Time Off Fields

All Day & Date Fields Specify if this time off request is for one day, multiple days, or part of a day. 
Note Provide more information about this time off request. 
Note: If you are a supervisor, you will have the option to select a team member and approve or deny the time off request. Learn about managing time offs, here.

Once the form is submitted, you can find it on the Schedule => My Schedule, Team Schedule, and Time Offs pages.