Managing Time Offs

Time off requests are used to indicate when a team member is not able to work. 

This guide shows how to approve and deny time off requests.

Note: This feature may be disabled. To enable time offs go to the Settings => Schedule Settings => Time Offs page.
Are you trying to request time off? Read this article.

How to Approve or Deny Time Off Requests

To approve or deny a time off request, click on it and update the Status option. You can add a reason to the Approve/Deny Reason field that will be visible to the team member who is requesting time off.
When a time off request is approved or denied, the team member requesting time off is notified. 

Changing Time Off Settings

You can adjust time off settings from the Settings => Schedule Settings => Time Offs page. From this page, you can update the following settings:

Time Offs Enabled
If enabled, all time off features will be accessible within this organization. If disabled, all time off features will be hidden within this organization.
Require Time Off Approval
Require approval of time offs by a supervisor or manager. If disabled, time offs submitted by team members will automatically be marked as approved.
Lock Approved/Denied Time Offs
Lock time offs so they can't be updated or deleted by team members once they are approved/denied. This setting makes sense if you want to keep an accurate history of time offs. Managers and supervisors can always update or delete time offs.
Private Time Offs
Only allow managers and supervisors to see all time offs. If enabled, team members can only see their own time offs.
Time Off Notice
Require time offs to be submitted a certain amount of days in advance. (Set to 0 if no notice is required.)

Blocking Time Offs

Sometimes you may want to prevent team members from requesting off on a day. You can do this by creating a time off blocker. Learn more about time off blockers, here.