Creating and Editing Locations

Locations in ZoomShift represent the physical locations, sites, or departments within your organization. 

This guide covers how to manage locations in ZoomShift.

Creating Locations

To add a new location go to the  Settings => General Settings => Locations page.

Add a new position by clicking on the  New Location button. You should see a pop-up window like the one below. 

Location Fields

Address This field is required to set distance thresholds for the mobile time clock. Learn about the mobile time clock, here.
Team Members Select which team members are assigned to this position. This setting is used to determine who can pickup shifts and view events. 

Editing or Deleting Locations

To edit a location, click on it. Update the fields, and submit the form. To delete a location, click on it. Then click on the  Delete button. 

Assigning Employees to Locations

Assigning your employees to locations will help to organize your schedule. Learn more about position and location assignments, here.

Reordering Locations

By default, locations are displayed in the order that they are added to ZoomShift. 

You can update this by clicking  Order button.

If you want to use a custom order, select  Custom Order and submit the form. 

Once saved, you can drag and drop locations in the order you would like.

To do this, click and hold down on the location. Without letting go of the mouse, drag and drop the location in place.