Notifications FAQ

Why am I not receiving any email notifications?

This is probably due to your email bouncing in our system. Emails can bounce for many reasons. If this happens, we need to remove your email from our bounced emails list.  Please email us at and we will do this for you. 

Why am I not receiving text message notifications?

There are a few common scenarios that will block you from receiving text messages. Here they are:

You don't have a mobile number in your profile.

This sounds like common sense, but it's easy to miss. We can't send you text messages if we don't have your mobile number. Check your profile settings to ensure that your mobile number is saved.

You don't have text messages enabled in your notification settings.

Your notification settings allow you to adjust when and how you want to be notified. Check to make sure that you have text message notifications enabled. Learn how to update your notification settings.

You have downloaded the mobile app and have push notifications enabled.

If you have downloaded the mobile app and have push notifications enabled we automatically disable text message notifications. This is to prevent duplicate notifications from being sent.

The carrier pigeons are on vacation.

This has been known to happen now and again. If you're not receiving text messages, and you have no idea why, please  contact our support team for help.