Using Shift Reminders

Shift reminders allow you to schedule automatic reminders before a shift starts. This way your team members have no excuse for not knowing when they work. 

Most importantly, you will know before a shift starts if a team member can’t make it.

Note: Not all organizations have shift reminders enabled.

You can enable shift reminders from the Settings => Schedule Settings => Shift Reminders page. Toggle the option for Shift Reminders and click the  button.

Configuring Shift Reminders

Once you have enabled shift reminder add-on you can set up when you want reminders to be sent. We recommend sending reminders a couple hours before shifts start. However, you can set this to whatever you want.

Note: All reminders are scheduled when you create or change a shift. As a result, if you change these settings they will not be applied to shifts that have already been created. If you would like to change the reminders for existing shifts you will need to republish them.

Changing Notification Settings

It is likely that your team members don’t want to get notified via email, text, and push notification about their shifts. They can always change their notification settings so they only get the notifications they want. Learn about notification settings, here.