Using Time Clock Reminders

ZoomShift can send automatic clock in reminders to your team. No more manually fixing timesheets because your employees forgot to clock in!

To update time clock reminder settings, go to the  Settings => Timesheet Settings => Clock In Reminders page.

We offer two types of time clock reminders:

Team Member Clock In Reminder This notifies the team member if they have not clocked in after (x) minutes.
Supervisor Clock In Reminder This notifies supervisors when a team has not clocked in after (x) minutes. 

You can enable/disable reminders and adjust the timing for each type. 

Note: All reminders are scheduled when you create or change a shift. As a result, if you change these settings they will not be applied to shifts that have already been created. If you would like to change the reminders for existing shifts you will need to republish them.
Note: Each user can enable/disable time clock reminders by updating their notifications settings.